This song is perfect for a Die Mannschaft fanvid, just sayin’.

Do you remember? Manuel Neuer about his drug test.

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          “There probably won’t be a better time to say goodbye. Germany captain Philipp Lahm celebrated his country’s 2014 World Cup victory with his teammates in front of half a million people surrounding the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Five days later, Lahm called time on his international career. He may have been one of the smallest players physically, but on the pitch Lahm was always one of the biggest forces. Now his time in Germany colors is over and a gap is left in his absence. That this decision comes for Lahm at the age of 30 after the greatest footballing success demands nothing but respect. After all, not every great player has made a similar choice. Lahm won’t be forgotten in football’s history books. He’ll continue to go on the title chase with Bayern Munich in the years ahead, and without the strain of international trips. He deserves it.

          Just as he did in his 113 international caps, Philipp Lahm has once again done everything  r i g h t.”

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Toni Kroos animating the crowd to sing for Klose.

Miro Klose, Miro Klose, Miro Klose, du bist der beste Mann!

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Die Nummer Eins der Welt sind wir! (Part 1)

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I was able to sleep very well, despite Thomas (Müller) sitting behind me.

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Literally no one is surprised (=^-ω-^=)

This literally explains everything.



Literally no one is surprised (=^-ω-^=)

This literally explains everything.

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Bastian Schweinsteiger refusing to be subbed out after numerous accidents.

"If there was one German player who simply refused to lose, it was Bastian Schweinsteiger. The experienced midfield pass master endured a gruelling game. He was routinely sent tumbling by Argentine tackles that pushed the rules to their limit. But for all the bumps and scrapes he sustained, Schweinsteiger never shied away. Instead, he remained at the forefront of his nation’s efforts."

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